We’re an independent studio. Which means we’re flexible, and fast-moving.

— About
We started Line in 2002.

In the years since, the industry’s grown up and moved on. And we’ve evolved with it. But some things haven’t changed since we opened our doors.

We still work with a good clutch of our original clients – with the same technical rigour and expertise. We’re as curious as we were on day one. That’s why we add to our client work with a few ventures of our own.

— Process
Each project brings new quirks and complexities. But our approach stays pretty stable.

We get involved early. Scope the product. Design it, develop it, test it, release it – and then provide support, to sustain and improve it.

01 — Scope
02 — Design
03 — Develop
04 — Populate
05 — Release
06 — Support

And we keep track of the entire process with Webtility: a system we built in-house to manage budgets and schedule.

— Technology
We only use technology we believe in. Including some we built ourselves.

Trends come and go but the fundamentals stay the same. So we stick to what we know works: well-written code; code you can maintain; code you can test.

Microsoft stack

SQL Server

LAMP stack


Client side

CSS / Sass


Apache Cordova
— Software and platforms
We made the tools we need.

Introducing Sitesuma and Webtility: software we built ourselves, to make our development process as flexible and efficient as possible.

They work brilliantly for most of our projects – but we’re also adept with a range of third-party tools and platforms. It all comes down to one question: what’s the best way to get the job done?