We're Line — We develop digital solutions for publishers, educators and innovators.


We are a collaborative partner, we help businesses use design and technology to solve complex problems. We’ll clarify your purpose, gain insight into your users, and propose ambitious but pragmatic solutions.


We believe in a user-driven approach, we will understand your audience, refine the user experience (UX). We will embrace your brand, create impact and craft the user interface (UI).


Whether it’s a website, app or application. We use technology we believe in and are adept with a range of third-party tools. We bring technical rigour and expertise with industry standards, such as ONIX.


Our team is committed to getting the most from your project, we will sustain and improve it. We can provide hosting and responsive support when you need it.

Pan Macmillan

Dramatically improve site speed and SEO rankings by migrating to a Jamstack architecture.

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British Library / CENL

Promote the importance of Europe’s National Libraries and engage their staff and members.

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35 Thousand

A website to launch a new skincare and lifestyle brand for women on the go.

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Macmillan Distribution

A web-based platform allowing publishers to use a self-service ordering model.

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