35 Thousand

A website to launch a new skincare and lifestyle brand for women on the go.

35 Thousand is inspired by founder Misty Reich’s experiences as an executive on the road with more than 2-million business-related miles travelled. It demonstrates how to balance a busy, high-pressured work-life with a complete home and social life through health, beauty, and wellbeing.

Women on the go

35 Thousand serves women on the go, who need to, and want to juggle all the things from big jobs, to family, complex and fulfilling lives outside of work and lots of travel. The site engages visitors with editorial content from interviews and cosmetic tips, to wellbeing and city guides. The site provides readers with recommendations promoting products fulfilled by 3rd party websites and via affiliate links.

35 Thousand

In development

Phase 2 is currently in development and will support the launch of 35 Thousand’s own brand products with UK and US stores. We will do this using a WordPress Multisite instance providing a seamless user experience to the customer but the functionality of multiple sites providing editorial content, and regional stores in the US and UK. The site will serve content from the appropriate store depending on a user’s location and each store will handle payments in their native currency. Regional managers will have the independence to price and control their own inventory and distribution.

The site is built on WordPress, with WooCommerce.