Another Read

A recommendation platform for readers of children's books.

Another Read is a web-based platform encouraging parents to educate, entertain and inspire their children through books. It offers the opportunity to connect with some of the most creative authors and illustrators in children’s publishing.

A dedicated platform

Another Read provides a dedicated platform for children’s publishing allowing us to grow a highly targeted audience and provide marketing tools which are both efficient and cost-effective.

The platform centres around its activity feed, an aggregate of data from various sources including publisher supplied data in the form of ONIX, author published data monitored and pulled directly from their sites, events and resources. Activity can be personalised for a user’s location, children’s interests and ages. As the platform develops it will offer the industry a greater level of insight into reader desires and the activities of their authors and illustrators regardless of publisher.

Another Read

An on-going venture

Another Read is an ongoing venture and although the website launched in Spring 2017 it is rapidly developing through the site and social channels, as we refine the interface and functionality, build content, grow the user base and gain new partners.

Another Read offers publishers:

  • Exposure to an audience with an active interest in children’s books
  • The ability to add their entire catalogue with little effort
  • A free platform for their authors to promote themselves
  • The opportunity to gain consumer insights and drive sales

Another Read offers authors and illustrators the opportunity to:

  • Take ownership of their profile
  • Build awareness of themselves and their books
  • Grow their fan base and build a following
  • Increase sales of their books

Another Read is built on our full-stack Sitesuma Framework and utilises Sitesuma’s rich user system.

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Another Read

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The opportunity to connect with some of the most creative authors and illustrators in children’s publishing."