Promote the importance of Europe’s National Libraries and engage their staff and members.

British Library / CENL

The Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) aims to increase and reinforce the role of national libraries in Europe. It is a membership organisation consisting of 49 members from 46 countries.

British Library / CENLBritish Library / CENLBritish Library / CENL
British Library / CENL

Scoping the project

The CENL Board meets once a year and appoints an Executive Committee for a period of at least three years. The secretariat, is currently under the presidency of the British Library with Roly Keating, Chief Executive of the British Library, serving as Chair.

We worked with CENL to develop an entirely new online presence and website. This began with a scoping phase which included a combination of workshops, remote user testing and in-person user sessions and interviews with key stakeholders from member libraries.

Design and features

The design phase of the project went from wireframing to prototyping and then visual design. During this process there were further user sessions, including click and memory tests, allowing us to gain insight and refine our prototype.

The site offers public visitors key details about member libraries, reports and publications and pulls in news from member websites and social channels. CENL members are able to request access so that they may access restricted content and engage in community aspects of the site such as discussion forums.

The site is built on Wordpress but extends greatly on its native functionality.

Member libraries

A happy client

Members are able to request access so that they may access restricted content."


British Library / CENL

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