Daphne Press

Supporting a new independent publisher with their digital marketing

Daphne Press launched as the specialty small press arm of Illumicrate originally licensing and creating limited editions, reimagining the books in collaboration with the authors, fine artists and using high quality materials.

A digital hub

As Daphne Press was about to start publishing its own original works, its founder, Daphne Tonge, approached us to help with their digital marketing.

Working with the team at Daphne Press we developed a website to support their new publications and act as a hub for their social media campaigns. The site provides Daphne Press with the opportunity to showcase books, drive sales through 3rd party retailers and update fans on news and events.

Daphne Press

Easily maintained

The site can be updated and maintained easily through a simple CMS. The site provides a route for authors to make submissions and directs trade enquiries to the appropriate channel.

Daphne Press

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