Aid collaboration amongst creatives who live and work near each other.

Gather was an online platform which brought together designers, illustrators, photographers, developers, writers and other creatives who live and work near each other. It allowed individuals to build their profile, share their work, but most importantly meet like-minded neighbours, and start collaborating.



In a digitally obsessed world it’s easy to forget locality, it’s not essential to meet your colleagues face-to-face or work with someone nearby but there is often an immeasurable benefit to being in the same room as someone.

When searching, Gather centred on a user’s location helping them find other creatives within a variable radius. That might be a graphic designer sourcing a photographer or a web developer finding an illustrator.

In the neighbourhood

With so many small companies and freelancers within the creative industries you are not always aware of who is in your neighbourhood and what they can offer. Gather mapped that community and helped creatives find new leads, collaborate and aided their recruitment process.

Gather was built on our full-stack Sitesuma Framework and utilises Sitesuma’s rich user, publishing and messaging systems. Google Maps API powers the geocoding of location data.

We made the decision to close Gather in 2018 in order to prioritise our other ventures.


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Helped creatives find new leads, collaborate and aids their recruitment process.”


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