Jo Nesbo

Create an online hub for Jo Nesbo, one the world’s most popular crime writers.

Jo Nesbo is an internationally acclaimed bestselling crime writer, we worked with Penguin Random House UK (PRH) who were his lead publisher globally for books in the English language.


PRH approached us to replace the existing UK and US websites with a single site showcasing all of Jo Nesbo’s work. The new site, and it’s responsive layout, ensures that users have a great experience whatever their device. We chose to build on WordPress which allows the team’s at Penguin Random House to administer the site with ease.

Jo Nesbo

A global audience

Links to purchase books are determined by the user's location taking them to online booksellers for a range of countries including the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Regional jacket artwork is also displayed depending on a user’s location.

Jo Nesbo

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