Helping used books receive at least one more read.


We launched Lost Book, a project that hoped to encourage people to pick up a book, discover something new and even reduce their screen time.


Mapping the books

Lost Book leaves used books around the UK, with the aim of eeking out at least one, but hopefully many, more reads of each book. Those who find the books are encouraged to read them, share them and then leave them behind for someone else. Each book has a unique label containing a QR code and four digit pin which can be used to log its location on the website at This adds an exciting new dimension as readers can view a book’s journey and are invited to comment and read other’s comments.

Extending a book’s life

The books distributed by Lost Book are donated to the project by secondhand booksellers Buckles Books of Cambridge. The books have surpassed the end of their saleable life, some have already been sold once by charity shops, but they are still in readable condition and contain exactly the same stories and adventures as when they were new.

A happy client

If Lost Book can help share the pleasure of reading these already well-loved books, and encourage more people to pick up a book or read something new, then it's a truly wonderful thing.”


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Lost Book

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