A web-based platform allowing publishers to use a self-service ordering model.


Macmillan Distribution (MDL) launched MDLConnect, a web-based platform allowing their client publishers to use a self-service ordering model. Hundreds of users from over 40 publishers, including internal and external sales representatives, will use MDLConnect, and benefit from faster order turnaround and improved order visibility.


Publisher expectations

MDL recognised that customer and publisher expectations were changing, and that demand for a robust and complete online service increasing. The platform interfaces with MDL's internal systems, most notably Vista, and once an order is placed through the site is automatically processed and passed to their 340k sq ft Swansea warehouse for distribution.

As no off-the-shelf solution was available, MDL partnered with Line. We worked closely with MDL from the start helping to define requirements, identify risks and wireframe solutions. We developed the solution on our full-stack Sitesuma Framework and continued to support MDL through testing, and now release.

Agile prototyping

An agile prototyping phase factored in numerous iterations, followed by in-depth reviews and user acceptance testing (UAT) phases. These often led to refinements in the specification and re-test cycles.

As part of the solution we delivered a suite of administrative tools giving MDL control over user accounts and permissions, along with sophisticated logging of order history and status.

Sq ft Warehouse

A happy client

The speed and accuracy with which MDLConnect enables us to service orders, we believe, gives our distributed publishers such advantage."


Macmillan Distribution

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