Simplifying subscription boxes for independent retailers.

A platform allowing independent retailers to set-up a subscription box service in 30 mins.

A changing landscape

The retail landscape is changing but there are a variety of strategies that independent retailers can use to not only survive but thrive. One trend is the subscription box, which allows consumers to receive a curated selection of products on a recurring basis. Subscription boxes are perfect for all sorts of products, from food products to flowers and books.

The set-up of a subscription box service and the processing of recurring payments can be daunting and relatively costly for smaller retailers. In order to simplify the process and reduce cost we developed SupplyKit, a web-based platform which allows retailers to create and offer their customers subscription boxes in a little as 30 mins.


A simple process

Retailers create an account, they can define their plans, the price and how frequently it recurs. SupplyKit provides each seller with a web page which they can apply their branding to. Retailers invite customers to visit the web page where they can sign-up and manage their subscription.

SupplyKit handles the recurring payments, notifies retailers of orders and deposits funds into their bank account. The retailer fulfils the deliveries themselves, whether that’s by post, locally by hand or through customer collection, whatever works best for them.

* Retail Gazette

£1 billion
Value of subscription box market by 2022
Of Brits now have a subscription


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Telling Tales has been offering recurring book subscriptions to our customers since 2019, however, setting-up the service was challenging and required the help of a website developer. I wish SupplyKit had existed back then.