June 12, 2023
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Workshop ideas: What do users users really want from a publisher’s website

Workshop ideas: What do users users really want from a publisher’s website

To understand what users want from their website, a marketing team at a book publisher can employ various workshop methods that encourage user participation and gather valuable insights. Here are four workshop methods that can be effective in this regard:

User Persona Workshop:

A user persona workshop helps the marketing team develop a deeper understanding of their target audience. The workshop involves creating fictional personas that represent different types of users who visit the website. The team can invite stakeholders, conduct brainstorming sessions, and analyse user research data to define key characteristics, needs, motivations, and pain points of each persona. By empathising with these personas, the team gains insights into what users want from the website, allowing them to tailor content, features, and user experiences accordingly.

User Journey Mapping Workshop:

A user journey mapping workshop enables the marketing team to visualise the entire user experience on the website. The workshop involves mapping out the various touchpoints and interactions a user has from their initial visit to the final desired action, such as making a purchase. The team can invite representatives from different departments, including marketing, design, and customer support, to collaborate and identify pain points, opportunities for improvement, and moments that matter to users. This exercise helps the team align their strategies and prioritise enhancements that cater to user expectations.

Card Sorting Workshop

A card sorting workshop allows the marketing team to understand how users categorise and prioritise information on the website. The workshop involves providing participants with a set of website elements or content items (represented as cards) and asking them to group and label them in a way that makes sense to them. This exercise reveals how users perceive information architecture and navigation. The team can gain insights into the most intuitive and user-friendly structure for the website, ensuring that users can easily find what they want and navigate the site effortlessly.

Usability Testing Workshop:

A usability testing workshop helps the marketing team assess the usability and effectiveness of the website's design, layout, and features. The workshop involves recruiting participants who represent the target audience and asking them to perform specific tasks on the website while providing feedback. The team can observe how users interact with the site, identify pain points, and gather suggestions for improvement. Usability testing provides invaluable insights into user expectations, preferences, and frustrations, enabling the team to optimise the website to meet user needs effectively.

During these workshops, it's important for the marketing team to create a collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages open dialogue and active participation. Facilitators should ensure that all participants feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. The workshops should also be followed by thorough analysis and documentation of the insights gathered, which can then inform the decision-making process and guide the marketing team in making strategic improvements to the website.

By employing these workshop methods, the marketing team at a book publisher can gain a deeper understanding of what users want from their website. This knowledge empowers the team to make informed decisions, enhance user experiences, and optimise the website to meet the needs and expectations of their target audience.